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Bass Guitar Lessons Salem

Have you ever wanted learn how to how play bass guitar, then here is your chance.
I have been playing bass for a couple years now and I absolutely love it. I am now looking to give others bass lessons. I have been in multiple bands such as classic rock, blues, funk, technical death metal, hardcore rock, and gothic metal bands. I have been told by many people im a very good bass player and i teach others well.
If you get bass lessons from me you will learn: different styles of playing such as slap/pop, playing with a pick, playing with your fingers, and tapping. I will also teach you scales, keys in music, how to read and write bass tablature, and you will also learn how to play freltess bass if you so choose. You will also learn how to adjust your bass in terms of intonation, action, pickups, tuning, truss rod, changing strings and maintenance.