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MCAT Tutoring Anchorage

I am a full time teacher and tutor who offers personalized private tutoring for the MCAT. I’ve been a science teacher and tutor for over a decade, and I’ve had exceptional results with my students.

My MCAT tutoring is ultra-flexible and highly personalized. Some students come to me needing to strengthen specific areas of their MCAT content knowledge (in areas such as organic reactions, projectile motion, stoichiometry, reaction rates, cellular ATP production, colligative properties, or momentum, etc..), and some students come to me needing a comprehensive review of all of the MCAT material. In either case, I provide them the content understanding and tools for success.

One of the greatest strengths of my tutoring system is that in addition to providing a rigorous science overview (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology), it also it teaches students to think like an MCAT expert. My students walk into the test with a solid understanding of what they will likely encounter and with the thinking skills and confidence to perform well.