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Private Tutor - French and English — Fort Lauderdale

Welcome! Bienvenue!

I am fluent and possess strong skills in both languages. I can address your reading, writing, listening and speaking needs. My strengths are the technical and formal aspects of the languages. You will speak French in an elegant and natural way.
I will help you to learn through articles, novels, correspondence, dictation, conversation, just to name a few ways. I will pay attention to accent, pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

The assiduous beginner should find himself/herself able to converse in his/her new language within a 6-month to 1-year period. The key is constant exposure. I teach out of my home. I very much enjoy languages, am a native English speaker (French is my mother tongue), hold a B.A. in French from SFSU and have done graduate work in French Literature at FAU. If you are serious, contact me.